Monday, October 11, 2010

Finally feels like fall

SO, yeah.

It is nippy outside....brrrrr

and we dont have any beautiful fall scenery outside our apartment to view... just another crummy building. No fall leaves.. only tree by our house is a pine... haha

Or halloween decorations to speak of

Just a half-made black and orange paper chain. How sad....

Lara was making a pumpkin pie last night. Yes I Lara made a pie, and failed miserably. I am going to put the blame completely on the recipe I used too. Before you get off on how arrogant that sounds..After all how could I, the girl who has culinary knowhow, mess up on the thing my instructor said I do better than the rest of the people in the class I was in? Yeah. The crust I made was an abomination against pie crust. I can't believe finally failed me. What a disappointing day indeed.

In other news, Dave is dying to play heroscape with someone. Please, play with him. Its really fun I promise. And not nearly as nerdy as it looks :)

Our dearest friend Robert is coming home from his mission in a little more than a month and this is how happy this makes us (dave especially) :o)

I really dont have much to say.. sorry some of these posts seem mildly spazzy this might not be the most exciting blog post we've ever done.

OH we just got back from the LUDO concert the other day and are super duper in love with them. The first three bands that played were kinda okay, but ludo was awesome live. For any of you who have not yet looked them up, we dare you to do so. Look up their rock opera Broken Bride. It will be well worth your time. Okay, well... It is worth our time. Its about this guy whos love dies in a car accident so he builds a time machine to try and go back and save her, but shoots too far into the past and gets separated from his machine or something so he has to like... fight off dinosaurs.. THEN he goes too far forward into the future and has to fight off zombies... THEN he finally goes back to 1989 when she died, and goes to die with her. So romantic. Okay some of you might be laughing or rolling your eyes at this plotline, but it is truly AWESOME. Ludo at their best. AND the story is heartwarming. I mean, if david fought off zombies and dinosaurs for me, I dunno.
You can buy it for 5 bucks on itunes... just saying.
We got these tshirts at the concert:
Yeah. We pterodactyl Ludo

Lets see what else... we embraced halloween time by buying the movie Hocus Pocus. Awww yeah. Love that movie. 

Other than, If you have our phone numbers, and you are family in particular... you should call us. We are feeling a bit out of the loop lately. We like to hear stories and exciting news too... We'd call but we dont have many stories or exciting news. We Be Boring.

Your iron fist will never knock me down
'Cause I'm powered
By a conscious right to conduct my life
Without fear.
Your tyranny burns my circuitry
And I won't stand by.
I know my rights and I will fight, fight, fight,


Monday, September 20, 2010

Every little thing that you say or do, I'm hung up, I'm hung up on you!

Can't believe we haven't updated this blog in about a month. CRAZY. Promise we will try to do better.

So what's new with us you may ask? Well we can't believe how stinking FAST time goes by. I didn't do school this semester so I could finish getting healthy again, but for Dave, it's almost midterms, can you believe it? I know I can't. That means Halloween and Christmas is just around the corner. And Dave's birthday.

So here is a short rant about how impossible it is to surprise Dave. So I have been wanting to get Dave something really special for his birthday, especially since for his last birthday instead of sending him a real package I sent him an IOU figuring he'd like some real presents instead of cheap dollar store stuff he would just end up leaving out in the mission. Well I still owe him. So I tried to think of the absolute perfect gift for Dave, and yes he had been hinting about a few small things he wants "I think I'm gonna want the new Disturbed album for either my birthday or Christmas" etc etc but I wanted to get something not neccesarily expensive (because heaven knows we are dirt poor) but something special. So finally at work (at Staples) I find out that we still have a few Brand New 16 gb IPODS for clearance prices. Perfect. Or maybe not perfect or maybe he would hate that? Well I just didnt know so I do what seems like the obvious solution. I ruined the surprise and asked him if that is what he would like me to get him for his birthday. Haha I'm so lame. So then to be all sneaky like, I go and buy the new disturbed album he had been hinting at. Well I hid it in a place that I figured would be a pretty good hiding spot. HE FOUND IT THE SAME DAY. haha so there goes that surprise too.

So We are SO excited for halloween even if it is still like a month away.
This is what I have been thinking for a costume for me: I want to be Katy Perry from the California girls music video. I'd basically get a blue wig and alter a white dress to do this candy dot thing. The other dress she wears is cute too but would take much longer to make... OF COURSE mine wouldnt be as short or scandelous, and dont judge by the other skanky looking girls in the picture haha candland.. haha awesome

Then again who knows. maybe me and dave will do a cheesy couples costume. Dave cant seem to think of anything he'd like to dress up as yet so maybe that is the route we ought to take. 
We could do something like this:

Bacon and Eggs Bay-Bay.
Or this


Classic Nerd

Now this one actually made me laugh...

Yeah thats right folks. Adam and Eve.
and here are my two favorite cheesy costumes i found online:

I think we could realistically do this one and have fun with it

This one is by far my favorite. How cute are these kids?? I mean seriously.. look at them. Adorable. I'm not sure if Dave can pull off the tooth costume as well as that little boy though :)

Well that's about it for now. Here is a song that has been stuck in my head all day for your enjoyment. Yes its madonna.. deal with it :)

"Oh my gosh, I'm a tomato"


Sunday, August 15, 2010

We're Part Time Buddhists

Today was our second week back to church since all of my sickness's took over our sundays. 
We were set apart as Primary Workers in our branch. YAY! 

There are only about 6 kids in the primary, so we'll see how it goes. They seemed pretty desperate to get some new people called in there. Haha silly silly branch.

Today in Elders Quarum David wrote a poem about fall:
Autumn Thrill

Summer is waning
the nights are starting to chill
no point in feigning 
the absence of autumn thrill

The trees set ablaze
with orange brown and yellow
shining through foggy morning haze
and later start to mellow

Harvest feasts are now common
along with spooky pagan rites
fire lite communion to lean upon
brings joy to all our nights

The warmth in the day
allows one more childhood game
and the cold at night seems to say
soak it up for soon winter will make you tame

This is the last chance
to live life unbound
for winter is only as far as a glance 
and soon will be all around

We thank the loving year
for this pleasant treat
fall's coming, we need not fear
but only its retreat


I don't think I'm nearly as excited about fall coming, because I am not a fan of cold. :)

We had a really fun night with Beth and Dan last night, and played some fun card games. I even got a chance to use one of our awesome Buzz Lightyear bandaids because I broke one of our lovely glasses and got cut up. That's what I get for having the competitive edge.

Here is a link to a funny video we liked today. It's the first time this dog has ever swam and it does really funny belly flops off of a platform

We are gonna go take a Sunday nap.....

Because you're adopted


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Counting Down

This is LUDO:

One of the few bands that me and David have a mutual liking for.

This is the cover for their new album coming out September 7th:

THIS is the music video for their new single Whipped Cream:


This is Disturbed
Their album is coming out the 31st of August and Dave is excited.
I couldn't care less hence the small picture and font.

Have a Nice Saturday!!

<3 Dave+Lara

Friday, August 13, 2010

Ode to marital bliss :)

This is our first attempt at a married couple blog, so hopefully we will be able to keep up with it.

Life has been so good but SO crazy since we got married. Here is a quick lowdown on our lives, and a few pictures from our honeymoon.

Dave works at Coney's Frozen Custard as a supervisor. He seems to really love working there. He has a great boss and coworkers (including his older brother Daniel) and it has been a really great work experience for him. He always comes home with some fun work stories, even if he is just trying to describe to me the difference between icecream and frozen custard, or telling me how he has turned into such a frozen food snob. (ordering his favorites as such; custard, frozen yogurt, icecream, soft serve of any that order). He spends most of his freetime doing things he is really passionate about such as martial arts training. Dave as some of you may know is a brilliant black belt in Tai Kwon Do. He pretty much kicks the crap out of Ernest (our crazy red communist of a punching bag) on a daily basis. His passion for the sport never ceases to amaze and astound me. He also has been trying to teach me some basic self defense, though how he can be patient enough to deal with a stubborn student like me, is beyond the scope of my imagination. Someday hopefully he'll be able to teach the sport, as well as basic self-defense. The real dream is that he can combine his two passions, self-defense and psychology, and use them together to help people. I can't explain the idea as well as he can so I'm not gonna try, but it's a beautiful idea, and it would really be a dream come true.
David is also passionate about movies, and gothic literature (think Frankenstein). Since I spent a fair majority of the summer in bed with mono, Dave was able to watch a fair amount of movies. We both really love movies. Another thing David is extremely passionate about is music. He loves alternative rock, specifically grunge rock and some metal.

I work at Staples and have for 2 years now. I work in the copy center there which is alot more fulfilling than cashiering. I really like what I do, and the people I work with (especially my managers), but it is definitely time for a change of scenery. I get paid peanuts so that is hardly an incentive. Not to mention I'm just sick of working retail, It can be a very thankless job. I think I've stayed in the job longer than maybe I should have for a couple stupid reasons. First, they worked with my schedule which has been a real blessing at times. Second, I was really comfortable doing something I was good at. Third, even after working there a year, when I complained about poor pay to a friend I was accused by my friend as being flaky. I had to prove my friend wrong. ANYWAY enough rambling about my job.
I'll tell you my passions really quick and then stop talking about myself.
I looooooooooove dance. If it was reasonable I would dance for a living and do nothing else. My newest dance passion is African dance, particularly Congalese. I really wish there was more of a need for dance majors in this world, but there arent. :( I have danced fairly regularly since I was 16, and while I'm not professional quality, I'm not half bad at it. With the exception of Ballet. While I was "the most improved the whole semester" in my ballet class last year, I was pretty darn bad to start out with.
I love music and movies. I love fitness and nutrition. My dream would be to work at a clinic or hospital, being a personal fitness and nutrition advisor.

Alright that was a real basic bio of us, now this is what we've done since getting married:


looking stoned on the tram
expensive food ($30 a plate)
My caramel apple looked like mickey..i was excited
i'm aware that this is sideways... pooh loves

That's all I have time for for now, but more to come later!

End Squaids. It's some serious shiz...