Sunday, August 15, 2010

We're Part Time Buddhists

Today was our second week back to church since all of my sickness's took over our sundays. 
We were set apart as Primary Workers in our branch. YAY! 

There are only about 6 kids in the primary, so we'll see how it goes. They seemed pretty desperate to get some new people called in there. Haha silly silly branch.

Today in Elders Quarum David wrote a poem about fall:
Autumn Thrill

Summer is waning
the nights are starting to chill
no point in feigning 
the absence of autumn thrill

The trees set ablaze
with orange brown and yellow
shining through foggy morning haze
and later start to mellow

Harvest feasts are now common
along with spooky pagan rites
fire lite communion to lean upon
brings joy to all our nights

The warmth in the day
allows one more childhood game
and the cold at night seems to say
soak it up for soon winter will make you tame

This is the last chance
to live life unbound
for winter is only as far as a glance 
and soon will be all around

We thank the loving year
for this pleasant treat
fall's coming, we need not fear
but only its retreat


I don't think I'm nearly as excited about fall coming, because I am not a fan of cold. :)

We had a really fun night with Beth and Dan last night, and played some fun card games. I even got a chance to use one of our awesome Buzz Lightyear bandaids because I broke one of our lovely glasses and got cut up. That's what I get for having the competitive edge.

Here is a link to a funny video we liked today. It's the first time this dog has ever swam and it does really funny belly flops off of a platform

We are gonna go take a Sunday nap.....

Because you're adopted


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