Monday, September 20, 2010

Every little thing that you say or do, I'm hung up, I'm hung up on you!

Can't believe we haven't updated this blog in about a month. CRAZY. Promise we will try to do better.

So what's new with us you may ask? Well we can't believe how stinking FAST time goes by. I didn't do school this semester so I could finish getting healthy again, but for Dave, it's almost midterms, can you believe it? I know I can't. That means Halloween and Christmas is just around the corner. And Dave's birthday.

So here is a short rant about how impossible it is to surprise Dave. So I have been wanting to get Dave something really special for his birthday, especially since for his last birthday instead of sending him a real package I sent him an IOU figuring he'd like some real presents instead of cheap dollar store stuff he would just end up leaving out in the mission. Well I still owe him. So I tried to think of the absolute perfect gift for Dave, and yes he had been hinting about a few small things he wants "I think I'm gonna want the new Disturbed album for either my birthday or Christmas" etc etc but I wanted to get something not neccesarily expensive (because heaven knows we are dirt poor) but something special. So finally at work (at Staples) I find out that we still have a few Brand New 16 gb IPODS for clearance prices. Perfect. Or maybe not perfect or maybe he would hate that? Well I just didnt know so I do what seems like the obvious solution. I ruined the surprise and asked him if that is what he would like me to get him for his birthday. Haha I'm so lame. So then to be all sneaky like, I go and buy the new disturbed album he had been hinting at. Well I hid it in a place that I figured would be a pretty good hiding spot. HE FOUND IT THE SAME DAY. haha so there goes that surprise too.

So We are SO excited for halloween even if it is still like a month away.
This is what I have been thinking for a costume for me: I want to be Katy Perry from the California girls music video. I'd basically get a blue wig and alter a white dress to do this candy dot thing. The other dress she wears is cute too but would take much longer to make... OF COURSE mine wouldnt be as short or scandelous, and dont judge by the other skanky looking girls in the picture haha candland.. haha awesome

Then again who knows. maybe me and dave will do a cheesy couples costume. Dave cant seem to think of anything he'd like to dress up as yet so maybe that is the route we ought to take. 
We could do something like this:

Bacon and Eggs Bay-Bay.
Or this


Classic Nerd

Now this one actually made me laugh...

Yeah thats right folks. Adam and Eve.
and here are my two favorite cheesy costumes i found online:

I think we could realistically do this one and have fun with it

This one is by far my favorite. How cute are these kids?? I mean seriously.. look at them. Adorable. I'm not sure if Dave can pull off the tooth costume as well as that little boy though :)

Well that's about it for now. Here is a song that has been stuck in my head all day for your enjoyment. Yes its madonna.. deal with it :)

"Oh my gosh, I'm a tomato"


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