Monday, October 11, 2010

Finally feels like fall

SO, yeah.

It is nippy outside....brrrrr

and we dont have any beautiful fall scenery outside our apartment to view... just another crummy building. No fall leaves.. only tree by our house is a pine... haha

Or halloween decorations to speak of

Just a half-made black and orange paper chain. How sad....

Lara was making a pumpkin pie last night. Yes I Lara made a pie, and failed miserably. I am going to put the blame completely on the recipe I used too. Before you get off on how arrogant that sounds..After all how could I, the girl who has culinary knowhow, mess up on the thing my instructor said I do better than the rest of the people in the class I was in? Yeah. The crust I made was an abomination against pie crust. I can't believe finally failed me. What a disappointing day indeed.

In other news, Dave is dying to play heroscape with someone. Please, play with him. Its really fun I promise. And not nearly as nerdy as it looks :)

Our dearest friend Robert is coming home from his mission in a little more than a month and this is how happy this makes us (dave especially) :o)

I really dont have much to say.. sorry some of these posts seem mildly spazzy this might not be the most exciting blog post we've ever done.

OH we just got back from the LUDO concert the other day and are super duper in love with them. The first three bands that played were kinda okay, but ludo was awesome live. For any of you who have not yet looked them up, we dare you to do so. Look up their rock opera Broken Bride. It will be well worth your time. Okay, well... It is worth our time. Its about this guy whos love dies in a car accident so he builds a time machine to try and go back and save her, but shoots too far into the past and gets separated from his machine or something so he has to like... fight off dinosaurs.. THEN he goes too far forward into the future and has to fight off zombies... THEN he finally goes back to 1989 when she died, and goes to die with her. So romantic. Okay some of you might be laughing or rolling your eyes at this plotline, but it is truly AWESOME. Ludo at their best. AND the story is heartwarming. I mean, if david fought off zombies and dinosaurs for me, I dunno.
You can buy it for 5 bucks on itunes... just saying.
We got these tshirts at the concert:
Yeah. We pterodactyl Ludo

Lets see what else... we embraced halloween time by buying the movie Hocus Pocus. Awww yeah. Love that movie. 

Other than, If you have our phone numbers, and you are family in particular... you should call us. We are feeling a bit out of the loop lately. We like to hear stories and exciting news too... We'd call but we dont have many stories or exciting news. We Be Boring.

Your iron fist will never knock me down
'Cause I'm powered
By a conscious right to conduct my life
Without fear.
Your tyranny burns my circuitry
And I won't stand by.
I know my rights and I will fight, fight, fight,


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