Sunday, January 9, 2011

School, work School, work...

SO yeah we havent posted in ages but we are SO busy so that's our excuse and we are sticking with it.

This semester David Is going to school full time, And I am going to school parttime (so that I can actually excel in anatomy)

Here are daves classes this semester:
Intro to Social work
Human Development across the lifespan
American Heritage

And mine are
Weight Lifting
Tai Chi
Anatomy (the hard one where I have to cut up cadavers and memorize the names of EVERYTHING in the body. I already took the introductory course)
Sociology of the family

Gotta Love  Psych majors and Exercise Science majors...

We both have been working like crazy though. I finally got moved up at staples a little bit and am now their new Customer Service Lead. It is a full time position that has managerial duties, without as many responsibilities. I am really liking it so far, but my actually official training for it is this coming week so we'll see how much I love it after that.

For Dave at coneys things are still great. He is actually becoming the manager as soon as the current manager leaves so we are way excited about that. He also gets to decide his own schedule for the most part which is really nice. He also gets to make the flavor calendar for their flavor of the day. Awesome

Life is really good, busy but good. We have a happy healthy marriage that we are really grateful for.
As young as we are we have already seen so many of our friends get into disfunctional marriages and it makes us more greatful everyday that we are healthy, happy, and get along perfectly. Still never had a fight ;)

Other than school and work, we have both been trying extra hard to get into the best shape of our lives
(especially because I want my personal training certification before I am 23)
David has met his first goal and got back down into the lightweight category (for fighting) and he wants to lose 5 more pounds and tone up some more. He practices his palgwes (tai kwon do traditional forms) frequently, and hopefully we'll find him a new dojo sometime soon that's up to his level. He is getting some nice definition, and his stomach pooch he got when I was sick in bed all summer is GONE :)

For me I'm still trying to lose the weight and tone up like I need to in order for people to take me seriously as a personal trainer. I do kickboxing everyday and toning exercises every other day and count my calories. As of today i've lost about 18-22 pounds depending on what you count as my official starting weight. I am no longer in the "overweight" category, and I have a healthy BMI and bodyfat percentage. Of course I want to get to the lower end of my healthy weight for a few reasons (vanity, leave more leway for gains, healthier weight for when I get pregnant (WAY IN THE FUTURE. Not in our current life plans))

Anyway we have to get ready for church now. But jsut so everybody knows, we are happy, healthy, and BUSY.

Ps.. I dont have time to proofread this so sorry for gramatical errors

"they come and go love,
but they're all the same,
Even Big bad bad boys get scared at night
It keeps them safe"

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  1. Nice to hear that things are going well for you two!