Friday, August 13, 2010

Ode to marital bliss :)

This is our first attempt at a married couple blog, so hopefully we will be able to keep up with it.

Life has been so good but SO crazy since we got married. Here is a quick lowdown on our lives, and a few pictures from our honeymoon.

Dave works at Coney's Frozen Custard as a supervisor. He seems to really love working there. He has a great boss and coworkers (including his older brother Daniel) and it has been a really great work experience for him. He always comes home with some fun work stories, even if he is just trying to describe to me the difference between icecream and frozen custard, or telling me how he has turned into such a frozen food snob. (ordering his favorites as such; custard, frozen yogurt, icecream, soft serve of any that order). He spends most of his freetime doing things he is really passionate about such as martial arts training. Dave as some of you may know is a brilliant black belt in Tai Kwon Do. He pretty much kicks the crap out of Ernest (our crazy red communist of a punching bag) on a daily basis. His passion for the sport never ceases to amaze and astound me. He also has been trying to teach me some basic self defense, though how he can be patient enough to deal with a stubborn student like me, is beyond the scope of my imagination. Someday hopefully he'll be able to teach the sport, as well as basic self-defense. The real dream is that he can combine his two passions, self-defense and psychology, and use them together to help people. I can't explain the idea as well as he can so I'm not gonna try, but it's a beautiful idea, and it would really be a dream come true.
David is also passionate about movies, and gothic literature (think Frankenstein). Since I spent a fair majority of the summer in bed with mono, Dave was able to watch a fair amount of movies. We both really love movies. Another thing David is extremely passionate about is music. He loves alternative rock, specifically grunge rock and some metal.

I work at Staples and have for 2 years now. I work in the copy center there which is alot more fulfilling than cashiering. I really like what I do, and the people I work with (especially my managers), but it is definitely time for a change of scenery. I get paid peanuts so that is hardly an incentive. Not to mention I'm just sick of working retail, It can be a very thankless job. I think I've stayed in the job longer than maybe I should have for a couple stupid reasons. First, they worked with my schedule which has been a real blessing at times. Second, I was really comfortable doing something I was good at. Third, even after working there a year, when I complained about poor pay to a friend I was accused by my friend as being flaky. I had to prove my friend wrong. ANYWAY enough rambling about my job.
I'll tell you my passions really quick and then stop talking about myself.
I looooooooooove dance. If it was reasonable I would dance for a living and do nothing else. My newest dance passion is African dance, particularly Congalese. I really wish there was more of a need for dance majors in this world, but there arent. :( I have danced fairly regularly since I was 16, and while I'm not professional quality, I'm not half bad at it. With the exception of Ballet. While I was "the most improved the whole semester" in my ballet class last year, I was pretty darn bad to start out with.
I love music and movies. I love fitness and nutrition. My dream would be to work at a clinic or hospital, being a personal fitness and nutrition advisor.

Alright that was a real basic bio of us, now this is what we've done since getting married:


looking stoned on the tram
expensive food ($30 a plate)
My caramel apple looked like mickey..i was excited
i'm aware that this is sideways... pooh loves

That's all I have time for for now, but more to come later!

End Squaids. It's some serious shiz...

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  1. I cannot express the happy tingling I have right now because you have a blog!!! I love blogs and I love you guys, what a great combo! :)